Short-term quick loan 30 days

30-day short-term loan

30-day short-term loan

The 30-day short-term loan is characterized by the fact that it serves only for a short period of time, when we usually wait until we receive a payout, pension or other cash.

You can only borrow smaller amounts up to CZK 20,000. If you are a new customer, you can usually use a loan without interest up to CZK 8,000. If you return your money within thirty days, you will not pay an extra crown.

Unexpected expenses can meet all of us. Unlike regular spending, we can’t schedule them, and that’s why there’s a 30-day Short-Term Loan. You can handle it easily online. Just choose the right loan – the ideal is to choose online comparisons. This is non-binding and free. You can choose not only the maximum amount of the loan, but also the interest rate or the speed of settlement.

You can have this fast payout loan in hand in just a few minutes. Automatic evaluation of the application and immediate sending of money to your account is a great advantage. However, count with higher interest. You can also use the message esemes for a recurring loan. Just send the sms in the required format and they will send you the money immediately.

Total transparency

Total transparency

Another advantage of this loan is its total transparency. When you apply, you can immediately see how much you can borrow, but also the total amount you need to return. Early repayment is possible without any charge. On the contrary, you will pay for the extension of the due date. The amount is determined either by a specified fee or by a percentage of the loan amount. Extend your loan for another thirty days.

However, a short-term quick loan of 30 days has its negatives too – you must have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic, the account to which money will be sent must be in your name. Furthermore, it is necessary to count with a verification fee of 1 CZK, or with a phone verification of your identity.

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